Welcome to Crown Creek Cattle


2023 HORN Showcase Bronze Winner

DOB: 6/15/2021  
Hubbells Romans 7 x Hubbells 007 Catchit
91.25" TTT

We were established in 2022 but it wasn’t until we bought our first quality longhorns at the Eddie Wood Classic in January 2023 that we got serious about the breed. Lacy just wanted a few Longhorns to look at, but it was all over once Ryan went to that first auction. In 2023 we acquired over 100 additional Longhorns!  We have decided we actually prefer the bulls over the cows due to their calm disposition yet aggressive look. We have literally transformed our Paradise, Texas home and property into a full fledge cattle operation as well as purchasing and leasing additional land to support our growing Longhorn Cattle addiction. We have met several quality individuals and families that take part in this Longhorn passion, but we owe our biggest thanks to Mark Hubbell who has helped guide us through the reasoning behind purchasing certain animals to enhance our herd. We look forward to meeting all the other breeders that share the same passion as we do!

Look forward to seeing you all soon!

The Tewksbury’s
Ryan, Lacy, Brinley
Ralph, Doreen